if each of us gave a little of our time each week to help someone in need the world would be a better place. Think about the problems that would be solved and the work that would be done. I work in a blood bank and it only takes 30-45 minutes to donate something that saves lives. Just imagine all the good that could happen to hopefully defeat the evil that seems to be prevalent in the world. Giving with joy is an amazing thing. Fight fear with hope, give love to defeat hate.


A Fandom Call To Action


If people in fandoms would donate their time to local organizations that need help they could be real superheroes. Just think of all the good you could do. It would be a Supernatural way to heal the world like The Doctor and its no Sherlock mystery that it would change the Community and the world. Think of it as Cosplay for a cause. People of the world would sing with Glee your praises.

Giving Monday


Happy Monday if that is possible. For me the start of the week involves doing a morning volunteer shift at Family Promise of Chattanooga where I am answering phones and doing some social media activity. A friend of mine is in the hospital and I might be going to visit him depending on if he will be released or not after a stress test. Part of the holiday season is being mindful of others and remembering that as we have been given much its good to give back to others in our world.

Shoeboxes For Good


My wife and I picked up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child this morning at Church. These shoeboxes will be filled up with things to help needy children in some part of the world. It can be filled for a boy or a girl and there is a suggested item list provided. We will be doing a his and her’s box and with some creativity these boxes will have some great things for kids who need them to have a better Christmas. 


Stay tuned and see how these boxes will be filled with great things. 

Parents Donate Wedding Reception to Homeless After Daughter Backs Out


Carol Fowler says she was fully prepared to lose the deposits she and her husband Willie put down on a lavish reception for their daughter’s abruptly cancelled wedding.

(My Take: This is making the best use of resources after a bad situation. Way to go parents!)

Parents Donate Wedding Reception to Homeless After Daughter Backs Out