Character Assassination, Part 2


I hate when TV writers think its best for storytelling when they have to lay waste to the “permanent” cast members of a TV show. Russell T. Davies pretty much torched Torchwood. Then tonight the writers and producers of “Revolution” got rid of two beloved characters in the season finale and this seasons premiere. We invest our hearts and minds in these people and when they go its not cool. TV characters are like family and such so its just frustrating. Rory and Amy Pond of Doctor Who are like that too. This is not the first time I have written on this subject but it seems relevant tonight. 


Character Assassination – When Your Favorite TV Character Is Gone!


When we watch TV we invest our hearts and time getting to know characters who we find ourselves living vicariously through. You know the people who are larger than life, easy to like, very popular and sometimes people you love to hate. When you see them in their best the worst happens, they die or move away never to come back.

We have a hard time accepting these people are not real, they are the invention of a writer or a producer. A character is played by an actor whose time on a show is sometimes dependent on the deal they strike to be paid what they want. Many good people have decided to move on because it is time while others disappear without warning. A good show gives you time to accept the departure of that fictional person who you have grown to love more than life itself. 

You can fill in the blank who has come and gone who you would love to see again. A few characters that come to mind is Bobby Simone from NYPD Blue, Catherine Willows from CSI, Dr. Mark Greene from ER, Shannon from LOST, Kate Todd from NCIS and Prue Halliwell from Charmed and the list goes on and on. Most suffer an illness while others suffer a more sinister fate. Its always surprising, shocking and it shatters you. You ask why them? why now? 

It always makes me wonder when an actor has a really good thing that they decide they are tired of it all…in this day and time having a job like that where you are well paid and are well known I wonder why they would want to go. Some shows in order to maintain their integrity has to have a well liked character die. 

When they die a part of you goes with them. Those fictional people meant something to you, you wanted to be them. Unless its a soap opera type show its hard to make someone return who had died a violent death. So I say to anyone who has ever lost a favorite character, its OK…you will survive. The show must go on.

Dallas and Doctor Who Great TV Renewals


The iconic American TV show “Dallas” is the best continuation of a show since the UK   cult classic “Doctor Who”. They have taken existing story lines and characters and picked up where they left off so to speak. “The Doctor” and JR Ewing are both legendary figures with a mythology all their own. Audiences have embraced both series renewals with great ratings and fans creating memes and other expressions of love.