Mobile Phone 40th Anniversary: What’s The Future Of The World’s Most Popular Gadget?


From The Huffington Post UK: Mobile phone technology has come a long way since the first mobile phone call was made 40 years ago today, changing life forever- but there is a lot more innovation to look forward to, according to one expert.

It’s amazing what we can do with our phones today. Our cell phones can give us the world and help us communicate in ways other than talking. Sometimes our phones can distract us and keep us from actually talking to one another. Our phones have in many ways become our brains since we store so much info on them too.

Mobile Phone 40th Anniversary: What’s The Future Of The World’s Most Popular Gadget?


T-Mobile Phone Dilemma


We have been struggling with our T-Mobile phones for awhile now. Both Laura’s and my handsets would restart without us doing a thing, applications would load with out us touching the screen. The reception was problematic in our neighborhood. All these problems led us to call customer service and technical support.

Tatiana, a tech support agent helped us troubleshoot our problems. She did great job talking us through settings and seeing what could be done to resolve our issues. Eventually we had to do a factory reset of our phones and we won’t be running any apps like Instagram, Evernote or FourSquare for a few days.

There seems to be a reception issue in our part of town and they promise it will be looked into within three days. Its been a frustrating time with our mobile phones but we are trying to make it work.