Human Legends


Legends come and go but their contributions to life and culture remain as a testimony of their impact on our lives. We must remember they were people first and entertainers second. Like all of us they are very human. Celebrity is fleeting and people pass away, its a fact of life.

There are people who are legends who are not famous but do amazing things in our communities. Many people make contributions to our society but often times go unheralded. All of us can be human legends if we are willing to do something amazing.


A Tweet Back From A Famous Person – On the ABC TV show “The Middle” Patricia Heaton plays Frankie Heck who works for an auto dealership. Well earlier in the season she was let go from the dealership she was working at due to economic reasons. 

Yesterday I was let go from the auto dealership I was working at. So as you see art imitates life. I shared this with Ms. Heaton and she responded back. This was cool to share a moment with a celebrity who plays a character on TV who is real and relatable.