You always pass failure on your way to success.

Mickey Rooney (1920-2014)

This man was a great entertainer and a very funny person. This quote is profound and is a comfort that we all fail and eventually reach success.

In Threes


It seems that celebrity deaths come in threes. First it was Shirley Temple Black and Sid Caesar, then today it was Ralph Waite. Entertainers come into our lives to make them brighter and to add some levity in the rough world we live in and when they pass its sad and like a part of us has gone with them. We will remember these three for their great works. Rest in peace Mrs. Black, Mr. Caesar and Mr. Waite. You have earned a final applause and curtain call.

Star Departure


It’s always interesting when a star of a highly rated show leaves. Anytime in any occupation you can have some job security take advantage of it. Of course these roles are played by real people who have lives to lead and people can get burned out.

However you see soap opera stars playing their roles for over 30 years and they are still going. Perhaps they know something about longevity. 

There are some high profile exits such as Matt Smith of Doctor Who, Cote de Pablo of NCIS and many others who have heeded the call of other opportunities. 

Many people have invested their hearts and souls into these characters. They live their lives vicariously through these people who do things extraordinary. To me its OK to mourn, its a loss and some folks take it hard. Exits if done right can soothe the sting of a actors departure. If an actor is killed off violently the show risks losing that fan. It will be interesting to see how characters are resolved down the road. 

When a celebrity passes away


It is sad when anyone passes away. Each person is a creation of God and has great worth to him and the world. Celebrities whether good or bad have a way of making our lives a little more colorful. 

Today Donna Summer passed away and it got me to thinking about when a famous person passes away that a little part of us dies with them. When Elvis passed away there was a world wide vigil for the King of Rock and Roll, the same happened when Michael Jackson left the world a couple of years ago. Princess Diana’s passing impacted her famous former family but the world too. Our reaction to the death of a famous person can tell a lot about us. Many people have a investment of their hearts when it comes to the famous people in our culture.

Celebrities are human beings, sons and daughters and have families who hurt way more than any of their fans could hurt. The media has a way of feasting on the tragedy that comes with the death of a celeb. An example of this is when Whitney Houston passed away. Now comes word that the Houston family will be in a reality show.

As fans we feel the loss of famous people too. We sometimes live through them in a fanboy or fangirl sort of way. Celebs are put on a pedestal and when their death comes in a suspicious manner it shatters our view of them as being immortal. Their work will live on through TV, movies, recordings, music, pictures, blogs and the like. Their gift to the world can keep on giving and should remind us to use our gifts to make the world a better place.