Trouble In Jock-Town


Lance Armstrong and Manti T’eo, both athletes have been embroiled in some controversy this week. Both of them are in trouble for different things but in the public relations department they both need some crisis management. 

In the world of Cycling Lance Armstrong is a legend. He won 7 Tour de’ France titles which is an amazing fete and put him in one of the greatest athletes ever. However his doping problem stripped him of those titles and he was banned from the sport.

Manti T’eo’s problem is just weird and confusing. He was duped by an imaginary girlfriend which was part of a “catfishing” plot. The fact he never visited this girl in person was very strange and the relationship was done online and by phone. His NFL status is now in doubt. 

So, what have we learned from this…Honesty is a good thing. Performance enhancing drugs in sports is bad. Keeping your friends close and invisible girlfriends closer can keep you from being embarrassed. The public has skewered these two people this week in social media and late night talk shows. Fortunately for us there are morals to learn here with out us average folks having to go through the pain.