A few more pictures of some classic cars from the Chattanooga Cruise In. Each car is beautiful in their own way.


Emissions testing is required to renew ones license tags in Hamilton County,TN. I am not a fan of this. However it helps the environment which is a good thing. (at Emissions inspection center)


Music on The Move


OK, I am older than most of my followers here on Tumblr. Our taste in music is most likely more different than alike.

Today on my way home from work I had the pleasure of hearing someones music blasting from their vehicle. Is it necessary to have music up that loud where you can hear the sheet metal of a vehicle shaking. In my opinion the music isn’t that good to begin with. What’s even worse is having that same vehicle go down the street of your neighborhood and you can hear the music in your house. 

Maybe I am just a old dude who needs to lighten up but perhaps we can respect the noise rights of others. Do unto others as they would do unto you and that sort of thing. 

Lets jam out but perhaps a little less in public.

Surprise Honey, I Bought You A Car….Yeah Right


Lexus with a bow on topThese commercials you see this time of year where a husband or wife has bought their spouse a new car seemingly without permission leave me scratching my head. If I were to buy something that expensive for my wife without he approval I would be sleeping on the couch or in my truck. Such an expensive extravagance has to be a mutual decision. No wife I know would love this gift because it means an extra expense. Most people I know couldn’t go out and buy a Lexus on a whim as a Christmas or a birthday gift. So its safe to say that husbands and some wives out there don’t get any ideas that you can get away with buying a new car for your mate and slapping a huge bow on the top and all would be alright. I am just sayin.


A couple of Antique Cars last Summer in Gatlinburg, TN. Some really nice renovated vehicles.