Peter Pan Live, I Am All About That


We are watching live television, something that was a mainstay of broadcasting years ago. People would gather together to discuss what they saw on the tube the nighe before. It is a shared experience that hopefully brings people together.

Peter Pan Live and last years The Sound of Music Live are things that made TV great. These are classic tales acted Broadway style to all of America. This is a homage to the stage production and its not going to be “Disneyfied”. The production and story is meant to I hope crack through the harden shells of our souls. We need innocence and yes cheese. Feeling something warm and fuzzy is something we need so much of these days. Even in our hard times this is a great way to escape into fairy tales that will remind us of when times were easier.


TV ratings: ‘The Sound of Music Live’ scores big for NBC Thursday – Zap2it


NBC’s live production of “The Sound of Music” paid off in a big way Thursday, as the network scored its biggest audience on the night since 2004.

(Carrie I guess has the last laugh with these great ratings. The rest of the cast should be rewarded too.)

TV ratings: ‘The Sound of Music Live’ scores big for NBC Thursday – Zap2it


nbctv: Carrie Underwood stars in the family classic, The Sound Of Music Live, Tonight at 8/7c!

I am looking forward to seeing this tonight. It’s a throwback to when more live TV specials were to be found. There’s something about watching TV live with millions of others to have a shared experience, something you can talk about tomorrow. Carrie Underwood is a great singer and now we get to see her acting skills on display tonight. This will be good and is a tribute to the stage play. Julie Andrews I feel would approve.