Come Ye Who Are Burdened


For some sharing their cares and concerns is often times uncomfortable. There’s the fear that they will be looked at differently and be judged. Solid friendships are based on trust that no matter what one is going through they can share what’s going on with others in their group of friends.

It’s important that people have other people who will share their burdens a little. Now, not everyone wants to share and they feel like they are imposing on the good nature of others, that’s fine, people are peculiar about their privacy and perhaps their pride. Love, respect and discretion are important…honor that when helping a friend or family member.

Friends, I hope you have special people in your life where you can turn to during times when your hearts ache, your soul needs filling and life has you in a bind. Resources and people are available to help you through. Houses of worship, community organizations, counselors and the like can be there for you.