Rambling About Burdens


No one should go through daily life with large or small burdens on their heart and soul. Everyone has a bad day, don’t make it a bad month or longer. Life is too short to worry intensely about things that really don’t matter much in the greater scheme of things. Your relationships with others can suffer as well as your health. Be free for joyful participation in relationships and in community.


Getting Through The Holidays


This holiday season many people will be going through it without someone special. Perhaps they have had a life change such as a job loss or illness. Some folks have burdens so heavy that they can’t carry it all. The term blue Christmas is a real thing. While there are celebrations some will be just trying to make it through without pain. Getting through the holidays for them will be emotional and painful.

Let’s keep those people in our thoughts and prayers. Offer them some hope and be sure they aren’t going through it alone. 

The Weight of the World


Every person has burdens they are carrying around. Deep concerns that have impacted their lives in such a profound way. Some folks can cope with their problems well while others have used drastic measures to relieve the pain. What can we do for each other to help share the burden, make it lighter on our shoulders?

The tragedy of it all is that many people have grown used to the feeling of the problems that plague them. Friends that’s no way to live. There are so many things we all can do to embrace love and grace. Our world is a very heavy place, there are so many things that weight us down.

I can’t pretend to know what someone with deep depression or bi polar disorder is going through. What I do know is that I can be sympathetic and empathetic when needed. Their troubles should be the troubles of the world.

We all have problems. I am not not a perfect person, I am broken. Perhaps if I can understand someone else I can maybe understand myself. No one should go through life feeling so bad they can’t see relief in site. As I say to everyone, hang in there and this too shall pass. Friends you are all lovely and good in your own way. Remember that and you can have a fulfilling life.