The Problem With Tumblr – Spoilers


I am a firm believer in blogging in community. Tumblr is a community that is world wide. So this brings its own problems, spoilers! Having people who are from the UK where lots of awesome TV originates from is tough because they are sharing about those shows that have yet to make it across the pond. “Downton Abbey”, “Doctor Who”, “Call The Midwife”, “Sherlock” are just a few where we find out about what’s going on before we even see it for ourselves.

Yes there are scripts and other browser solutions to keep it from our dashboard but still. Then there is You Tube and Pirate sites where you can see those shows before they air on TV. I knew that “Downton’s” Matthew Crawley died before I saw Matthew Crawley die here. Its just a part of the global TV scene we have. As Professor River Song of “Doctor Who” says, “spoilers sweetie”.


BBC America, Why So Many American Shows?


I still don’t understand why there are so many American shows on BBC America. Isn’t this supposed to be a channel where there are British shows. With all the amazing programmes they could show from the UK why resort in airing old American sci-fi? It still very much puzzles me. There are plenty of British shows I would love to see that we hear about through social media. One can dream of the day where its 100% UK TV again.


From “Downton” to “The Doctor” – Hugh Bonneville is a great actor who has been in two of my favorite British TV shows “Downton Abbey” as Lord Robert Crawley and he played a pirate in “Doctor Who” as Captain Henry Avery. .