Yep, that says it all! (via Moral of Breaking Bad…)


Creatively Unfair!


I feel that the cable channels and premium channels who produce series have an unfair advantage in creativity as well as the ability to say whatever they want to. Its evident in how many nominations come from shows like Veep, Nurse Jackie, Girls, Breaking Bad and Homeland. The Academy is naturally going to gravitate toward those shows. I am a old-school network TV guy. I think Amy Poehler is just as funny or more so than Julia-Louis Dreyfus. Its just unfair.

TV Lemmings


Its interesting what shows people will watch because its popular with their friends. Everything from Doctor Who to Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad to Orange is the New Black all have stout followings due to recommendations from their friends. We don’t like to be left out in the cultural cold so we will start watching and in some situations get hooked. We want to be like our peeps and that is understandable. Take a look at all the shows what have become classics such as The Sopranos and Seinfeld. TV has changed as well as the tastes of viewers. Edgy shows are what people expect, something different. So like in grade school we wanna be in with the cool kids so we will become TV lemmings.