UnChristian: A Book I Am Reading

At the suggestion of my pastor I am reading this book to see why folks are turning away from the church and religion. There are a lot of reasons and they are legitimate ones too. I will be sharing with you what I am learning.

For my newbies I am a believer/Christian however I come from an inclusive/liberal perspective. I will never bash anyone over the head with the Bible, its not my style. Jesus is cool but people don’t see that because some of his followers can be jerks (including me sometimes).

No matter your faith perspective, I hope you will learn something and ask me relevant questions.


How did you enjoy the Giver film after reading the book?


It’s been awhile since reading the book but “The Giver” is a story that resonates with me on many levels. The book has the three main characters as much younger but the film has matured them a little which makes sense for dramatic and thematic purposes. The movie is a visual feast for the senses. It tells the story of the book faithfully without betraying the basic emotional feel of the story.

The casting was great and anytime you get Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges on board then you can’t go wrong. Both the book and movie make significant social and cultural statements that are important. They remind us of our humanity comes with pain. Good movie, I recommend it for anyone.


I am reading this really cool book “Geek Wisdom: Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture” its a great source of knowledge to affirm our lives as people who are quirky and march to the beat of our own drummers. For those who are wanting to understand what it is to be a geek this book is for you. You can get it at or your local bookseller. Thanks Mom, Dad and Sis for getting me this!

Spoilers Sweetie


People who invest themselves in stories, movies and TV shows love what they love. Sometimes this means wanting to find out whats happening next. Spoilers have a way of satisfying that need to know with immediate gratification. What happened to being patient, letting things come in time. People will scour the Internet asking friends what they have heard and that info finds its way to the masses and ruins it for the rest of us. There are people that monitor social media to see if anyone is saying anything about their favorites.

During the Olympics Twitter kind of spoiled results for those who wanted to watch in prime time. Doctor Who fans are trying to find out everything they can about the series debut.

There is something to be said about anticipation and waiting for the next episode, the next movie or the next release. Spoilers can be a little fun but for some it can be annoying.