The 29 Whitest Family Photos of All Time


This is one of the most disturbing posts on any website I have seen in ages. I am truly sorry if you have bad dreams or worse after checking these really awful pictures out. Some pictures will leaving you shaking your head.

The 29 Whitest Family Photos of All Time


Blockbuster to shutter all U.S. stores


(My Take: I feel as if an era has definitely ended. Blockbuster has a great legacy of home entertainment. However with Netflix, Hulu, Red Box, Amazon and other delivery systems, they suffered. I could see smaller, niche stores remaining open for those who want the rare selections and the nostalgia of it all)

Blockbuster to shutter all U.S. stores

Out of Ur: One Faith, One Baptism, One … Craft Brew?


Martin Luther famously said “I’d rather my people were in the alehouse thinking of church, than in church thinking of the alehouse.”

This is an article about doing church in a pub. Think of it as suds and scripture or beer and hymns.

Such activities can foster discussions about spiritual matters and connect people to Christ. I like the concept. There is a long history of such things with clergy going to a pub to engage people in a talk about faith. 

Out of Ur: One Faith, One Baptism, One … Craft Brew?

Election Day 2013: Five things to watch today


Voters go to the polls Tuesday to elect governors in Virginia and New Jersey, pick new mayors in New York City, Boston, Detroit and other municipalities, and decide on a host of ballot issues across the country.

(My Take: If you live in a area that’s holding elections today, get out and vote. It’s the right afforded to you as being a citizen of our country.)

Election Day 2013: Five things to watch today

‘Saved By the Bell’ Repeats Headed to E! (Exclusive)


I love Saved By The Bell and I am thrilled its coming back to TV on the E! network. Dennis Haskins who plays Mr. Belding is a fellow Chattanoogan and to see him in his glory days is going to be great. 


Until now, the network typically aired repeats of E! series, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Total Divas and Chelsea Lately, in that morning time frame. Adding Saved by the Bell to the lineup is something of a nostalgia play aimed at the femme-focused network’s younger viewership, and the show joins Sex and the City in E!’s off-net portfolio.

‘Saved By the Bell’ Repeats Headed to E! (Exclusive)

Star Wars MBTI Chart | Geek in Heels


By now you’ve probably seen the viral Harry Potter characters’ Myers-Briggs types chart. When I first happened upon it last month, the timing could not be more uncanny; a friend had mentioned that her MBTI personality type had changed drastically over the years, so I had just taken the test again myself.


Star Wars MBTI Chart | Geek in Heels

The Legend of Betsy Bell and the Bell Witch Haunting


The Legend of Betsy Bell and the Bell Witch Haunting By: Carrie Eckles The Bell Witch has been synonymous with American folklore for almost two centuries. The entity tormented the Bell family of Robertson County, Tennessee from 1817 until 1821; the story is remarkable in that the phenomenon was witnessed firsthand by not only the family, but the local residents, and even famous historical figures such as Andrew Jackson. The Bell Witch haunting is arguably the most thoroughly-documented instance of paranormal activity in the United States.

The Legend of Betsy Bell and the Bell Witch Haunting


US taps links to Google, Yahoo data centers: report

The US National Security Agency has tapped into key communications links from Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. The Post, citing documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with officials, said the program can collect data at will from hundreds of millions of user accounts, including from Americans. The report said the program dubbed MUSCULAR, operated jointly with NSA’s British counterpart GCHQ, indicated that the agencies can intercept data flows from the fiber-optic cables used by the US Internet giants. A graphic in the document suggested that the interception at Google came at a point between the public Internet and Google “cloud” servers.

(My Take: Stop that NSA. Bad, bad. Go to your room!.)