Blood Donation – Give The Gift Of Life



I work for a blood bank in its telephone recruiting department. That means I call folks to set up blood donation appointments. In the year I have worked at our regional blood bank, Blood Assurance I have learned that giving blood is important. There are patients in hospitals who need it every day to save and sustain life.


The opportunity donate is a great way to help your family, friends and…

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Frequently Asked Questions and Myths about Donation |


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about blood donation.

Check with your local blood center for their rules and restrictions. If you are considering donating be sure to call for an appointment and ask questions prior to a donation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Myths about Donation |


So I gave at the office. Blood donations are awesome at Blood Assurance.

Donation of Life and Blood


On this Veterans Day I am reminded many men and women have donated their lives and their blood on the field of battle to fight for their loved ones and their communities. Everyone has the opportunity to give life to others and all it takes is a joyful heart and just a little bit of time. Thanks to everyone who have given in one way or another.


I Gave At The Office

I work for a blood bank and I made a donation today. Blood Assurance is a great place to work for. I’m glad to give when I can. Blood donations are important.

Communion And Blood


I assisted in communion this morning at church. This is one of my favorite things to do in worship. I served the wine/grape juice to our congregation. That wine/juice is symbolic of the blood of Christ which was shed for the sins of humanity. As a person who works in a blood bank it was appropriate for me because I help people share their blood so others might live a longer life. This is a great reminder that blood donors are important….whether it be Jesus or his children.