My Blackout Story


I grew up in a predominately white community and I can’t remember having regular contact with people of color as a child or pre-teen. When I was a young adult I had the opportunity to be around people of color. While in college some of the best friends I had were black, Latino, Asian and Arabic, maybe because they offered a different experience which I was wanting to know more about. 

I made my college experience an opportunity to grow and to get to know folks from other races and ethnic groups. That exposure to different people has made me a better person. Growing up in that white community made me curious about the lives of others and having a open heart and mind has made the difference in my life then and now as I work with different sorts of people. It does take every kind of people to make the world go round as a song once proclaimed appropriately.


Me and my college bestie Rev. Kelvin Sauls of South Africa.