“The Season” For Retail Workers


Today is a tough day for retail workers as the Christmas shopping season is now in full swing. Those folks have it rough in the days ahead. Both my wife and sister worked in retail and have their own horror stories to tell about this “most wonderful time of the year”. My sister has Black Friday off for the first time in years and she isn’t missing the experience of being at the mall today.

I am going to do my best to encourage all those working the floor and ringing up sales behind the cash register. They have a tough job and I want to make it easier and more pleasant for them to be there working for a living.


Happy Black Friday Or Something Like That


Right now millions of shoppers are out at the malls and big box stores fighting to get some great deals. Many have camped outside retailers for days in anticipation of this morning. They are shopping for electronics, toys, clothes and the like. In yesterdays newspaper there were ads with all sorts of door busting deals just for the taking. You have to time it out to be there for the best shot of a bargain.

I hope there will be safety in the chaos and that no one will get into a fight over a TV or a tablet. Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year so it isn’t for the feint of heart. In the past there have been reports of injuries of people rushing into a store.

Today, I will be at home and glad not to be in all that mess. Best wishes to those who are.



Black Friday

Mega Mart is promoting some Black Friday deals unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Find more Saturday Night Live videos on Yahoo Screen.

This features Anne Hathaway and is a scathing satire of Black Friday. You gotta see it, you will laugh out loud.

Black Friday Insanity


It isn’t even Thanksgiving week and people are linking up outside a Best Buy in Akron, Ohio. This is crazy insane! 

(Tumblr folks, view post on blog not dashboard to see what I am talking about)



Keeping Thanksgiving About Family, Not Bargains

As the Christmas creep seems to be getting worse, many retailers are opening on Thanksgiving evening to beat the competition to the punch and to get shoppers in their doors. What this is doing is infringing on their workers ability to celebrate the holiday as has been done for years.

I like the spirit of the person who made the above graphic. 

Retailers need to be held accountable for their actions. Keeping customers and workers at home for a few more hours won’t break the bank. There are plenty of shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. 

This says a lot about our national priorities. Getting the best deal possible as soon as possible seems sad to me. I am old fashioned when it comes to spending time with family and loved ones during the holiday’s. Lets stop this chaos.

Workers, Families Take Stand Against Thanksgiving Hours


(My Take: It’s sad when families cannot celebrate the holidays because the companies they work for want to be open more hours to generate more revenues. What happened to giving your workforce the chance to enjoy time with loved ones during the season.)

Workers, Families Take Stand Against Thanksgiving Hours


Black Friday on the North Shore of Chattanooga – Today we spent our time supporting small businesses on Frazier Avenue. We make a point to spend locally as much as we can. It was a good morning browsing and buying. The only line we encountered was at a shop called N2 Shoes which had a great sale going on. We didn’t buy anything there though. We encountered several dogs who were out shopping with their people too. It feels good knowing we could sleep in this morning without fighting the lines at the big box stores.