My intention is to fill up Tumblr with flowers to break the saturation of negative images and videos. This is a agastache flower.

I challenge each of my followers to find a flower of their choosing and post it on their blogs.


Knockouts In Bloom

These are some early blooms from our Knockout Roses. These really help make our home look nice. It’s something nice to see during our Spring and Summer months. All our plantings are budding and making their way to blooming.

If we all stopped and smelled these beauties maybe there would be more peace in our neighborhoods.

Rom Com’s, This Dude Likes Them


I love me a good romantic comedy or rom-com, chick flick and the like. Really its about the story of people working through issues on the way to a relationship or at least we hope. As I get older I want movies that are “beautiful”, have meaning and show humanity as being something better than we see it in real life. I am also a sentimental old fool who is an idealist. Some movies are about blowing people up, lets bring people together. Let love win the day.