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Hawking stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the young Stephen Hawking who, as a bright and ambitious 21-year-old PhD student at Cambridge University, is diagnosed with the debilitating motor neurone disease and given two years to live. Against the odds, he goes on to achieve scientific success and worldwide acclaim, in particular with his best-selling book A Brief History Of Time.

Note: We saw this on Father’s Day (at my dad’s request) and it was a really good movie. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job of portraying Stephen Hawking who is one of the world’s most famous men of science. I think Hawking has some good things to say but as a man of faith I believe that God is responsible for creation, however I see there is some things about time and space that can be divinely created. I came away from this with a new respect for the contributions of Stephen Hawking.

BBC – Science & Nature Programmes – Hawking   


Happy 50th Fellow Whovians, This Is The Day!

Friends we celebrate the greatest sci-fi franchise in television history. Fifty years ago William Hartnell a veteran actor brought The Doctor to life for the first time on the BBC. Today Matt Smith carries the torch as the 11th Doctor. Soon we will have Peter Capaldi as the 12th incarnation of this iconic sci-fi character. What started in the UK has spread world wide into a phenomenon that has captured the hearts and minds of millions. Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! 

‘The Bletchley Circle’ Renewed for 4 Episode Season 2 by PBS – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers


LOS ANGELES, CA: AUGUST 6, 2013 – THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE is returning to PBS for a second season, it was announced today. The four-part series will air on Sunday nights in spring 2014.


Twitter&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitter’>‘The Bletchley Circle’ Renewed for 4 Episode Season 2 by PBS – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers


Soon, we will find out who will be joining these men in playing “The Doctor” on “Doctor Who”. There is buzz all over the world and in media that is just picking up on the story. NPR and CNN have both had mentions of “Doctor Who” and who will get to occupy the TARDIS. Its going to be an exciting time around the world for our fandom.

The New “Doctor”


The Interwebs are a buzz about a pending announcement of who will be the new Doctor on “Doctor Who”. 

Whoever this person is will have to fill some big shoes. Matt Smith did a great job in his term as The Doctor. I think the new person needs to be older than Matt Smith but maybe younger than David Tennant. We do need someone who looks like the first three incarnations of the role.

Some fans feel there needs to be a change at the helm of the show. Steven Moffat seems to polarize fans a little. Too many folks still pine for the tenth Doctor played by Tennant. So right now the casting of the new person is critical to the future of the franchise. There are a legion of dedicated fans who are with the show no matter what.

Perhaps going back to basics, looking at the classic era to see how the show can go forward. Perhaps a greater emphasis on shorter story arcs. I think we need to focus on The Doctor and Companion and being introduced to new worlds and maybe visiting ancient worlds that were prevalent in the first seasons of the show.

It’s my hope the show will have some new life and that Jenna Coleman will have a good mate to run among the stars with. We shall see.

Matt Smith Leaving “Doctor Who”


You go away for the day and you come home to the interwebs blowing up about Matt Smith leaving “Doctor Who”. Smith has been “The Doctor” for four seasons and has taken the show into a bright future.

Now there is a help wanted sign outside the TARDIS and there will be a casting call to see who will be the next “Doctor”. I don’t know who will be chosen and you know I want it to be a surprise. He needs to be older I think, perhaps someone who is very young at heart. I am wondering if they would consider someone of color or another ethnicity.

From what I hear he will be leaving at the Christmas special. This time next year we will be watching episodes of that new Doctor and Clara if she decides to stick around. I wish Matt well and thank him for his great performances.