Doctor Who Returns!

This week belongs to the geeks and nerds. New Doctor Who is upon us. Fangirl all you like. Saturday will be epic!

I will be posting a lot of Doctor Who stuff. This is going to be a fun week.


Not Much British on BBC America


bbcamerica suffers from an identity crisis. There seems to be fewer and fewer shows from the UK on the channel lately. I remember back in the day they had all sorts of programs when they first started. There were comedies, home improvement, special interest and yes dramas. Now a days there are lots of US sci-fi and movies with no sort of British connection. I find more British programming on pbstv and streaming video services. I really do miss the old days of bbcamerica when you could find something with a British accent.


Orphan Black – Season 2, Tonight!

The clone club is back and in full force on BBC America. It’s great to have the brilliant Tatiana Maslany on our screens once again.


Geek Up Friends – Torchwood: Miracle Day and Orphan Black on BBC America. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Tatiana Maslany on one channel and one night for several weeks. Good stuff!