A conservative Christian. An oxymoron? – davidrhelms.com


This is a great article from the minister of music of the Baptist church I grew up in. He makes some great points about being a conservative Christian. Jesus was very liberal in his ministry and went against tradition.

A conservative Christian. An oxymoron? – davidrhelms.com


My Take On “The Great Debate” Last Night.


I didn’t watch the debate regarding creation vs. evolution. In my mind there is room for religion and science to coexist. Many great people of faith have been inventors and scientists. Science has its place in the world too. What happened in this debate was something that saddened me a little.

I went to a Christian college that taught the sciences straight forward without any sort of theological slant and religion courses from a perspective of informing students of the importance of the faith. I was taught to think for myself and form my own opinion.

My formative years were spent going to church to learn about my faith and going to school to learn about the lessons math, science, literature, history and the like. We are better people if we are well rounded that way, at least I think so.

Right now people are unemployed, homeless, hopeless and on the brink. As a human family perhaps we should come together to resolve the serious issues of the day. My faith informs me to love people and to share with them the love of my creator.

Faith Among Us, Faith That Moves Us, Faith That Changes All


There have been shootings across the country, from Chattanooga, TN to Newtown, CT. Every shooting is a tragedy and people have solutions to the problem. One of which that has been suggested around here is getting God back into the schools. Most people mean putting religious instruction in the classroom. Well there is a problem with that…there is to be a separation of church and state.

It keeps our nation from becoming a theocracy and endorsing one flavor of religion. Knowing that the United States is a nation where you have Methodists to Muslims, Baptists to Buddhists. People have a different view of God based upon their heritage and how they were raised.

My idea of bringing God back into the classroom is that places of worship and people of faith must work to become strong believers so that when they go into the halls of our schools that God goes with them. We have a responsibility to share that faith with others and allow them to make up their own minds.

It requires understanding love, forgiveness, redemption, enlightenment, reconciliation, peace and other theological and philosophical concepts.

For me its about grace, love, mercy, redemption and peace. Its about being Godly without being a Bible thumper. Our faith, whatever it might be should move us, change us and require us to respond to that call.

If our faith does what it should then it will be like a Trojan horse storming the gates and it will impact a great number of people and there will be significant change in our communities. Our clergy should spend more time passing the peace on our streets and sharing the faith with those who need hope and love.

This is just my two cents worth.