Athletes In The Headlines


I am seeing a lot of athletes in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Granted these folks are human and make mistakes but some of their actions are puzzling and sad. The fans I am sad for are kids who look up to athletes as their heroes.

Pro athletes are people like any of us, however they are still held to a higher standard because of their role in society. These folks are role models, whether they want to assume that title or not. I have had athletes I have looked up to when I was a boy but now I see something different.

Athletes are humans and we should give them some grace but they need to be responsible and mature people too. Friends each of us has a responsibility to be a role model for those in our lives who need someone in their lives for guidance and inspiration.


Nerds/Geeks Can Enjoy Sports Too


I am a believer that Nerds/Geeks can enjoy sports too. Its the thrill of human competition and there’s lots of sociology, physics, physical science and fun to be had. Just look at the places where sports takes place, arenas and stadiums are full of architecture, design, art and organization. Much of what you see at a sporting event takes place because of technology and old fashioned tradition. My wife has a great point about statistics too…that’s math and patterns folks. So get your geek on and cheer for the home team.