Ask then know


Plenty of fellow bloggers are here to be resource on a wide variety of subjects. Never be afraid to ask a question or two so you can be in the know. Ask then know more than you knew before.

Ask Early And Often


I don’t mind answering questions. I will always try to make sense (although I do suck at it sometimes) My posts give you an idea of what I am about because I do post a lot about who I am. Thanks for checking my posts out when you do. I hope to never waste your time.



Improve your Tumblr experience by deactivating your anon function on your Ask box. If someone isn’t brave enough to say what they wanna say to your face then they shouldn’t have their identity cloaked. Good people have been bullied by people who hide in the shadows online. I encourage everyone to be safe when they are on the Internet.




Questions are ubiquitous things that help inform and instruct us. There’s no such thing as a dumb question. Asking questions can help remove misunderstanding and give clarity. Some people ask questions that can baffle us but that’s OK. I should ask more questions than assuming something. Perhaps asking questions can change the world and make things better.

Comment on Comments


I think anonymous comments are a gateway to harm. People who don’t have the guts to show their face when commenting about something perhaps they shouldn’t comment at all. It’s easy to hide when saying something mean about someone. Some folks need to grow up and learn to understand how the world is and that words have a real and lasting impact on people.

We need more positive feedback that will build people up and not tear them down. However some folks need to receive some constructive criticism that will make them better.