For many of us this is a blast from the past. For some its a wonder how we were able to get anything done online.

AOL (Sign On – Dial Up)


AOL, Do You Use It?


For years AOL was the way people connected to the Internet. It’s dial-up software made it easy to access the World Wide Web and its original content possible for millions of subscribers. A few years ago in order to keep itself going it offered everyone a free AOL email address to use with all its services including Instant Messenger. These days can we say its still relevant to the average user. Does anyone still use AOL?


Netscape 3.0, A Trip Down Geek Memory Lane – I kind of miss using Netscape. It was a great browser that did some cool things. Netscape 4 was also a great line of browsers too. Unfortunately AOL bought them and proceeded to ruin it. Microsoft also did it’s part in killing it with Internet Explorer. Mozilla is the legacy browser and much of what was in Netscape still lives. I miss the early days of the World Wide Web a little. However the current Web offers some really cool things such as Tumblr, Twitter and the like.