Glass half empty/half full? Doesn’t matter. Be grateful you have a glass of water and that it’s meeting your need right now….Missy Peregrym (from TV’s Rookie Blue)



Oliver: “Ok. I’m Oliver. Oliver Shaw. I’ll be your training officer until further notice. You don’t touch anything in the car until I tell you to. You don’t write anything down in your memo book until I tell you to. You don’t talk to other people, you look at me first. You do as I say, not as I do. Now you probably think right now I’m being a bit of a hard ass but if it gets stressed out there I will be because my… my job is to keep you safe. This crest on my shoulder, this represents you McNally and we’re both going home today.”

Andy: “That’s a really good talk.”

-Episode 1 “Butterflies”, Season 2