Time Hop


I was looking at my Time Hop feed today and discovered I don’t have a lot of pix available, mostly text. You know I write a lot when I blog, I guess I am more old school in my blogging than I thought.


I really love the new Android commercial that is out on the air. It really makes you think that people are different so their phone should be customized to their own needs and specs. It seems Android does that better than the competition. The other guys make a great standardized product but sometimes you want something different and unique.

Yahoo, It’s Back


I’m digging Yahoo again. They have some killer apps on Android and iPhone. Their website is a very visited site on the Web too. They also own Tumblr which has been a good thing so far. As a news and all-round information portal its got its groove back. Everything old is new again so it seems. I like what Marissa Mayer is doing there. Yahoooo!