And Now The Weather, Rain


There are numerous songs about rain. “Singin’ in The Rain”, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”, “Rain”, “Here Comes The Rain Again”, “It Never Rains in Southern California”, “November Rain”, “Smoky Mountain Rain”, “Purple Rain”, “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” and the list goes on and on.

Here in the Chattanooga area it’s been raining since late yesterday afternoon and it won’t stop until tomorrow I have heard. It sets the table for some flooding in low lying areas. Temperatures are supposed to drop a little which might bring snow to the higher elevations. Personally, I am tired of the rain already. This is not nice holiday weather people.

A forecaster said yesterday that we won’t see a mild winter like we did last year. It was mild and seemed to go by quickly. This year its gotten colder, quicker. That seems to set up for a long time of staying cold. We will have to see how things go but perhaps a nice snow somewhere in there wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

I hope wherever you are that the weather won’t mess up your plans. Stay safe in any situation. Turkey day is a few days away. 


And Now The Weather


Its finally becoming Fall here in the Chattanooga area. It’s 62 degrees as I write this post on Friday morning. We were wondering if it would start to cool down and it seems like its doing just that. Fall is my favorite time of year because the weather isn’t too hot and its not freezing like Winter used to be. Today’s high is will be in the low 80’s so its not so hot around here. As my wife says its great to wear sweaters and warm clothes this time of year. Hopefully it will be full Fall in a couple of weeks.