Rambling About The Country


We will have true freedom and earnest pursuit of happiness when all people have a place at the table of life. Justice and equality should be extended to everyone. Our nation should honor those who are of faith at the same time not demonize those who don’t believe. Right now our country is not ready to embrace the 21st century while holding on to the century before. As a people we have done great things but we still have a system that continues to hold some down while others succeed unfairly. 

I like my country, I don’t love it all that much right now. 




The one thing about having a global blogging platform such as Tumblr is that there are people in other parts of the world where its now the next day. For example in Australia its now Monday morning. It should inform you that people come from other places so the way they live their lives and the way they think are different than yours…but there are similarities too. I am glad to have met people through blogging from all around the world. Their friendship and perspective have helped me open my mind a little more.

5 Things To Expect In Obama’s State Of The Union Address



Income inequality will get a full airing in President Obama’s fifth State of the Union speech.

The State of The Union Address is tonight at 9:00 PM on broadcast and cable news networks. Your regularly scheduled programming is preempted.

5 Things To Expect In Obama’s State Of The Union Address

Happy Veterans Day, Thank You For Your Service


A veteran is a person who made the choice to give themselves to the service of our country. They gave themselves body and soul to prepare to defend our the nation. Men and women from all walks of life for generations have made the sacrifice to secure the freedom of their family and friends. Putting on the uniform of ones nation is one of the greatest things one can do.

The veteran is a noble warrior who fights for peace wherever duty calls. They love their country, they will do anything for it. Their families sacrifice too by sending their loved one into harms way. When they return they have to heal and recover from the wounds both emotional and physical. Veterans are real heroes, real people all deserving of thanks from a grateful nation. 


September 11, 2001, Twelve Years On – My wife and I were living in Murfreesboro, TN on that day that changed our nation forever. We remember those people who died in New York, Washington DC and Shanksville, PA. On this day we remember those who died defending our country. God Bless America and God grant us peace in the days we live in.