Rambling About Violence


I grow weary of violence in our world. Our children shouldn’t see it or fall victim to it. Grownups need to do better here. I am not one that says the world is going to hell in a hand basket. There is still plenty of beauty among the thorns of in our communities and nations. I am a believer that God is in the response to situations. I hope for mercy for the suffering and justice for those who commit acts of violence. Be good to one another and much of the crap we see in the world will resolve itself. 


All Life Does Matter. Black LIves, Police Lives


All life matters and in light of today’s killing of two police officers in New York City I hope this will bring about some sort of dialogue where no more blood will be shed and no more lives taken. Life is valuable in all its forms. Justice must prevail though. I am taking the side of peace for all and a world where people are priority.