Air Conditioning Is Fixed!


Our air conditioning is now fixed, thank goodness! We live in a manufactured home and there is only one company in the area that handles the special HVAC system these dwellings use. The good people of Northgate Parts did a great job. They looked things over and put in freon which we were very low on apparently. So now things are getting cooler and feeling better. 


We Survived Sans Air Conditioning…Sort Of


We survived the night with no air conditioning. Thank goodness the temps fell below 70 last night and it rained, today its supposed to be cooler with a chance of a thunderstorm.

Last night was not the best nights sleep we have had, we have had worse though. My snoring tends to make sleeping hard for my wife and when it gets warm I tend to “saw logs” so to speak. A cooler environment makes for a better sleeping situation for me. The heat also makes it hard to sleep period because it makes you feel icky. Tonight should be better, maybe.

We hope by the end of the week things will be back to normal. It’s June and things are starting to heat up so we need our AC back very soon. 

Keeping Cool When There’s No AC


When you don’t have air conditioning you do what you can to stay cool. Our house has ceiling fans in the living room and our bedroom, that will keep us cool during the night. The temperature hopefully will dip below 70 to help. Keeping hydrated is good too. We are enjoying some ice cream too. Of course keeping lights off to reduce heat is ideal. You have to be creative to keep cool.