Be myself, not my age


I’m almost 45 years old and I want to be myself and not my age. There’s much to learn from the experiences of people of all ages and places in the world. I am glad to have many younger friends. Age doesn’t have to be a thing that divides people, it can bring us together. It’s good to share your life experiences and be informed by what others have gone through. Being open to such things can help you be a better person.


Age Is Just A Number


There is a time in life where age is just a number. However we live in a society that reveres youth and older folks seem to be lame and boring. Well my friends Peter Capaldi the new “Doctor” on “Doctor Who” is 55 years old and is the second oldest person to play the role. Its pretty remarkable that they chose to go older in the role considering the relative youth of David Tennant and Matt Smith.

As for me I am in my 40’s and getting older isn’t a big deal. Older people can chose to be stuffy or perhaps it would be good to relate to younger folks. However you don’t want someone my age going to a frat party or trying to fit in and making a fool of themselves.

Blogging has provided me the opportunity to get to know younger folks who are smart and mature. These folks also are creating the cultural environment we are seeing today. All the things happening now aren’t the invention of people my age but those who have new ideas and possess the energy to implement their creativity.

I might be twice as old as some of my followers but you know that’s cool. They can learn from me and I can learn from them.

I Am 43 Today!


Today is my 43rd Birthday! I have had a great day so far. My wife prepared me some really good oatmeal and gave me a couple of button down shirts and a birthday card. I love you honey.

Later today we are gathering with my mom and dad at a local Chinese buffet for dinner. Thanks to everyone who is making this day special. 

I am another year older, but wiser is up for debate. There are times in ones life when they feel their age. For me I need my glasses to see right but the rest of me doesn’t feel all that bad. Like most people I could take better care of myself. One thing I don’t want to do is let my age dictate how I experience the world around me. One can never stop wondering about things. Relating to people of all ages is important. I don’t want to get to a point where I am a grouchy old man. Perhaps I need to think of “The Doctor” and continue to experience life as it is.

Today is a day to celebrate and I thank God for all the blessings I have been given. My life and who I am would not be possible without Him. I am not perfect but that’s OK but getting better is always the goal. Happy birthday, to me!