Sharing the light


Spending time spreading positivity and light seems to be a great use of ones energy. Perhaps it could help someone who is in need of it because they are on the brink of something not so good. Love thy neighbor comes to mind. Share your light with others and they will never be in the dark.




Everyone likes to hear good things about them. Being affirmed can make you feel great. Words can build up as well as tear down. Giving words of encouragement can make everyone feel valued, loved, appreciated. In the book I am reading “The Five Love Languages” it talks about how words of affirmation can be a powerful motivator to accomplish the everyday things to big stuff. People enjoy the affirming words from people they love. Those same words can be used by friends to help build up their friends, co-workers, a waitress in a coffee shop, anyone. Our world needs to hear a message of hope. Words of affirmation can make a difference in the lives of everyone.

Hey There Sexy!


Now that I have your attention I want to say that everyone needs to be affirmed. Whether it means saying you look nice, great job on that report, nice blog post, thank you for your help or hey there sexy. People need to be built up and not torn down. There is something to having meaning in life. Everyone has the desire to be loved and nurtured.

In our world so many people are hurting and need to be reminded that they matter. They suffer because they don’t get enough affirmation from their friends and family.

I believe in a God who loves all of his creation no matter their flaws. No matter what you hear from some who focus in the things we do wrong believe me there are so many things good about you. Know this my friends you are loved and affirmed by me. So hey there sexy!

(My pastor’s sermon this morning inspired me to write this, thanks Pastor Amy)


All Misfit Toys Welcome! I love folks who are on the fringes of life. The Island of Misfit Toys in the classic Christmas TV show “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” could be a metaphor for those who don’t always fit into society. I think there is value in everyone. As a believer I know God loves everyone, no matter what you might have heard to the contrary.

 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18