Rambling on Advice and Knowledge


Have you ever given advice about something that is out of your realm of experience? Sometimes you can give good advice while other times you should have refrained from your own input. I am all for knowledge sharing because knowledge is power right? We all have our own talents and strengths and the world is better for it. However people still don’t like know it all’s all that much. 

The Younger Me


Fellow blogger manifestationofgrace asks this question…

If you had the chance to provide your younger self with advice. What would it be?

I would probably say try to do better in math. So much of what you will do in the future depends on it. Don’t worry about trying to be popular, it is fleeting. Embrace those like you and show love to those who don’t get much. Be yourself and try to work on figuring out who that is. Don’t have any regrets. Don’t worry about not having a girlfriend (that is easier said than done as a teenager).

As a 45 year old dude I have lived a little and I have found that I can’t cry over what did or didn’t happen. Of course you wish for things to have been a little easier but it has made me the person I am today. As queen Elsa in the movie “Frozen” said “Let It Go” because you have your current life to lead. My wife keeps reminding me that I can’t remain hung up on what I didn’t have as a kid and a teen.

Offering advice can be tricky.


When offering advice be sure to listen more than you talk. I don’t always follow that bit of wisdom but people want to be taken seriously and that means using your two ears more than your one mouth. Sometimes they don’t want someone to fix them in as much as they want someone to listen. Many people already have the solutions to their problem in their hearts and minds, it just takes getting them to talk about it. But when offering advice be sensitive, caring and truthful.