Rambling About Commercials


Some commercials do a great job of getting in your head and never leaving. There are visuals that make you ask what did I just see. The way you do ads these days is a clever hook, interesting gimmicks and famous people. Yes sex does help here but that is for another discussion. I guess the advertising agencies earn their money that way in the 21st century. 

J.C. Penney tweets clumsily during Super Bowl to get our attention | Dallas Morning News


J.C. Penney found a way to get a little attention during the Super Bowl game when companies spend several million dollars for 30 seconds of ad time.

Brilliant marketing with very little cost. We can all learn from this.

J.C. Penney tweets clumsily during Super Bowl to get our attention | Dallas Morning News

Songs Of Your Youth


When music of your youth is used to advertise products geared to you now reminds you how old you really are. It’s sad because I heard “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran used to market low calorie yogurt. That song was a big hit when I was a teenager. It’s sad when awesome music like that is reduced to a advertising tool.

The Greek Yogurt Wars of 2013


There seems to be a Greek yogurt war afoot. Brands featuring all sorts of things in them try to entice the consumer to buy their specific product. People seem to like it and are willing to buy it. Yogurt is a major player in your dairy case. I remember when yogurt was just yogurt.  Now it seems its all Greek to me. I enjoy Greek yogurt, its got good stuff in it. There’s one thing about it, its cultured.

Commercial Functions


I am not a fan of TV commercials that talk about bodily functions. No one want’s to hear about that. Yes those functions are a part of life but you know it can be kind of gross when you are having a late dinner or enjoying some ice cream or something. When you see bears advertising toilet paper that can give you chills up and down your spine. This also proves I watch too much commercial TV.