So we are doing text based ads with a icon now at the top of the dash results. Money talks. Interesting Tumblr and Yahoo.


Tumblr and Advertising


I have read some folks complain about the ads that have made their way to our dashboards. Advertising is the lifeblood of media. Without sponsors some web services do not exist.

Tumblr a few months ago started putting non obtrusive ads in the “Radar” area on dashboards. Tumblr apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms have them in the users stream of followed blogs. Now the computer dashboard is having ads appear from time to time.

Advertisers spend billions on web advertising because they see a good return on investment. Web services in return can offer some value to their users by letting them know about goods and services that can benefit them. Tumblr has less invasive ads than Facebook or Google. Friends I encourage you to keep calm. As long as ads are not forced on our blogs themselves then it will work for many users.

Keep on blogging, click on a ad every now and then, be grateful you don’t have to pay out of pocket for Tumblr or many other apps across the web. Advertising is not a bad thing in this case.