I Don’t Care What You Think, Perhaps You Should


When I see or hear of people not caring about what others think when they behave badly it troubles me. Their behavior has a serious impact on a lot of people. Just because you have free speech doesn’t mean you can demean your fellow man or yell fire in a movie theatre. If you are a grown person you have to be accountable for your actions both good and bad. We are all connected in humanity and universally so your moments of “you only live once” might hurt someone you love or someone that is just an innocent bystander. It’s selfish to think we can get away with anything. Everyone will have to answer to someone, someday for their actions.


Words Then Action


We live in a world where there are words, words, words. Everyone can talk a good game but seldom can deliver. Action speaks louder than words. People have been promised the world but have been shattered when those words go unfulfilled. 

For the believer we live in a world that expects us to be who we say we are. For those who say they love God there is much pressure to deliver and to make good on their witness to the world.

Words can be a powerful motivator. Hopefully they inspire action. For me I am not always fulfilling my promises. It happens to all of us at times. 

Hypocrisy is a problem. When you say one thing but will do another that goes contrary to your core beliefs. Many believers face this in a world that needs hope and change.

No matter the situation, people seek honesty, follow through and most importantly consistency. They want to see change not just hear about it. Kindness and action can make the difference for everyone wanting something to believe in.