More about me


I’m a liberal/moderate who believes in love, peace, grace and inclusion. Anything less is not acceptable. Everyone should have the opportunity to life, liberty and a real pursuit of happiness including the right to love who they choose. All people should be equal in society. So if you are following me know what I am all about.


About my blog


To my new followers here’s what you can expect here. I have been blogging for a long time and it’s a deep interest of mine.

I post about:

– Personal thoughts and observations
– The community I live in
– Faith and religion from a liberal view
– News and current events
– Pop culture and some fandom stuff
– Quotes I like
– Words of encouragement
– Posts of life in the moment
– Food, of course
– Connections with fellow bloggers

If you have any questions about this blog let me know. Keep on blogging friends.

A note about me


I am a friendly blogger who seeks to be a helpful, kind and compassionate member of the blogging community. I want to be there for people in all parts of my life. I want fellow bloggers to know I’m there to help when they need a hand. I want my connections to help me understand the world from their eyes and ears. Know you have a friend in me…

About Me!


A little quick info about me for my newest followers.

  • Age 44, But I don’t act my age, most of the time.
  • Married for 14 years to a great lady
  • I’m a fanboy of Jesus
  • Liberal, open minded
  • I’m a total geek, nerd, dork
  • I enjoy friendships with people of all ages
  • I think fangirls rock!
  • You have a friend in me
  • I am from an awesome city
  • Coffee I know is a gift from God
  • I am a fan of British TV
  • I support LGBTQ peeps
  • I am a extrovert that has a blogging addiction

A note to my friends and followers.


I am pretty much what you see is what you get, online and in real life. I don’t think I do my followers, readers and friends justice to be someone I am not. Of course we all have our moments when life gets the best of us and we might get a little grouchy and lose our way. Being a genuine person makes being a friend easier. Accepting people for who they are goes a long way to bridging the gap. Thank you for coming along with the ride with me.

My Bleeding Heart


By nature, I am a Geek, I come by it honestly. I can sometimes get over zealous and excited about the things I am interested in. They say Geeks like their stuff and for me stuff is a wide array of people, places, things and beliefs that I want to share with all. The things I am passionate about I want others to be passionate about too.

That is where my idealism comes into play. I am a bleeding heart idealist who dreams of a time when things are right in the world in my mind. My experiences in life facing exclusion from being a part of the “in crowd” has led me to want to be sure others are in the community.

I am a extrovert and I enjoy expressing myself, that’s kind of the reason I have a blog. It’s that desire to express yourself that gets one into situations where people aren’t sure what to think of you. Not everyone knows how to handle me at times and that is frustrating.

My big ole bleeding heart can get the best of me. Marching to the beat of my own drummer can be a lonely experience. There can be some moments where you feel quite alone. Everyone wants to be accepted but when they aren’t it can have its own problems.

It’s good for like minded people to gather together. Having a supportive community can help us feel acceptance, encouragement and purpose. There are so many people who are so alone because they don’t feel there is anyone in life who knows what they are going through. Acceptance in life means taking a road less traveled so to speak. 

A Statement of My Personal Faith


I am a United Methodist Christian who believes in God’s grace and inclusion for everyone who needs to be loved and to have a place in Christ’s kingdom. I am a faithful believer that peace and love are very Holy things.

Friends I share my faith in such a way that lets you know what I think without “preaching at you”, its not my style. I hope you understand a little bit more about me.