Me In Army JROTC

Thats me on the second row, middle, the dork in the glasses. I was a chaplain in ROTC in high school. I led prayers, a devotion time and helped out where I could. It was cool to be able to serve in this way. I also was a cadet major too. This was a fun time and a opportunity to be inclusive and share my faith.


My High School Senior Picture from 1988

My senior year of high school was a fun one. It was also a time of looking to the future. I got to do some exciting things such as go to Hawaii and enjoy prom, I was in Army JROTC and I was brigade chaplain. My experience in the classroom was a great one and I learned a lot. That year I turned 18 so I got to drive to school and that was exciting. I had a small group of close friends and they were good to me. Senior year was the gateway to the future.

25th High School Reunion Week


This week I will gather with my Red Bank High School classmates to celebrate our 25th reunion. Yep I have been out of high school for a quarter century. Do I feel old, a little…but sometimes age is just a number. This week I will be sharing my thoughts on my experiences back then and reflect on my life since those days of angst, peer pressure, rad clothes, awesome music and pimples.