My High School Reunion, A Very Special Weekend!

My 25th High School Reunion was a time for me to remember a good time in my life. Red Bank High School was a place that taught me about the lessons of books, the world and life. There are people there who I have very fond memories of and I was able to renew my friendship with them after these many years of separation.

One thing the reunion showed me is that there are people who liked me more than I thought back then. My self esteem can get the best of me at times and I don’t see how good of a person I am. Perhaps time and space can help us get a new perspective. I know I learned something new about myself and people who were my friends and others who I wasn’t good friends with.

Everyone who was there have new life experiences that have changed them since their teenage years, me included. When we came back together this weekend I was able to catch up with my friends then and make new friends too.

High school prepares you for the next steps in life whatever that might be. Many went to college, others enlisted into the military, a few went straight to work, others became family men and women, a few passed away before their time. Its all a part of the story of the class of 1988 or any other class in high school. Without those people and the common experience we shared I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

God blessed me in my days at Red Bank, I was reminded of this during this reunion weekend. It was also homecoming too and that added to the special time we had.

Thanks to all those who made it happen. You have my deep appreciation for helping me find out a little more about myself. Go Red Bank Lions.


Reunion Party Time


We will be headed out soon to the Reunion party and I am very excited. I am going with my lovely wife and we hope to have lots of fun. Many faces I will see for the first time in 25 years and there is much to talk about. Catching up with these folks will be fun. Going to things like reunions is like stepping back in time. I hope we reminisce about the good times and forget about the high school drama of the days.

Everyone is 25 years older than when we were back in our high school days. I have lots of friends who will be there and some folks I don’t really know. Its all good though, perhaps I can get to know some new people. Lets go, have fun, remember.


25th Red Bank High School Class of 1988 Reunion

Saturday, our reunion activities began as we gathered at the Paul Mathes Community Center on Signal Mountain for a indoor picnic. We had a great crowd of alums and their families. Good times were had by all, indoors, free of the rain of the day.


Tour Of Red Bank High School – Homecoming 2013 / 25th Reunion

Members of the class of 1988 received a tour of the school before the homecoming football game. For many of us it had been 25 years since we had graced the halls of our alma mater as students. Our tour brought back many memories of a time when we students. Some things remained the same while other things were very different. It was a great time to reminisce and reflect on our days there when life was very different and we were younger.


Homecoming 2013 and 25th Class Reunion @ Red Bank High School

This weekend is a time for me to reconnect with my high school as we celebrate homecoming and my 25th class reunion. Its hard for me to believe I have been out that long. I am grateful for the school that helped make me the person I am. Today we are taking a tour of the school, then there is the homecoming football game. Tomorrow we are gathering for a picnic and then dinner tomorrow night. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


25th High School Reunion

These are some more faces of my classmates from 1988. Our reunion begins on Friday night with a football game. Saturday will there will be a picnic and a dinner and dance on Saturday night. There will be large fun!


25th High School Reunion

These are some faces of my classmates from 1988. Our reunion begins on Friday night with a football game. Saturday will there will be a picnic and a dinner and dance on Saturday night. There will be large fun!

Going Back To High School, Would You Change Anything?


We all have memories of our days in high school. There are treasured events that happened in those days that we look back on fondly. Prom, football games, band concerts, debate team, glee club/choir and yes studying are things that made those days fun but challenging. If you could get in a time machine (DeLorean or TARDIS) would you want to go back and change anything.

Do you wish you could ask that person out you wanted to but didn’t have the nerve? Perhaps joined a club you should have, tried out for a play or a sports team? There are lots of things we wish you could do all those things. Or perhaps it was what it was.

High school is a time of making choices. Some good, some bad. But if you could change anything kind of in the spirit of “Peggy Sue Got Married” or “Back To The Future” would you?