21st Century


I think the 21st Century some envisIoned years ago isn’t what they thought they would get. In many ways people are holding on to a past that is more advantageous to their situation and agreeable to their mindset. There is technological advances but socially and culturally it doesn’t seem we are very advanced. This isn’t a ultra modern age like we saw predicted years ago. We still struggle with ignorance and fear. People are are resistant to change. It seems more like the wild west. Sometimes I dream of utopia, where is that?


The Time Of Now


Somehow we have forgotten or don’t even realize its the 21st century. Things going on around the world seem to be rooted in ancient strife and attitudes. Very sad if you ask me.

The times we are in are scary but we have the chance to make things right. Never give up on true humanity that’s filled with faith, love, peace and grace. Change begins with the person in the mirror.