Post-Olympics, Memories, Medals and Opportunities


Last night the Games of the 2012 Olympics ended with a great closing ceremony. London put on a great event and it will be remembered for years. The United States won more medals than any other country and its a source of national pride. Other nations gave memorable performances that made us all take notice. Its kind of sad these games are over with but life must go on. The Olympics are proof that nations can compete in a peaceful manner. We can celebrate our national pride while embracing our common interests and humanity. Our country needs to take the example of excellence on the field of play and put it into the classrooms and its communities. We can all be heroes for a lifetime if we embrace the spirit these games gave us. 


USA 4 – 3 Canada, Gold Medal Game Next! The USA Women’s soccer/football team won today at Old Trafford home of the famed Manchester United in the semifinal game of the 2012 Olympics. Alex Morgan used her head to score the winning goal in the 123rd minute. Now they head to London’s historic Wembley Stadium for a revenge game against Japan who beat them in the 2011 Women’s World Cup. It’s going to be a great game. Go USA….And to my Canadian friends I still love your country and everything it contributes to the world. Good game!