Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello good people! I hope all is well today with each of you. Grace and peace.

I work for a blood bank and I am doing my thing to help keep the supply of blood available to those who need it. My work is challenging and fun. Today seems to be a bit slow but it’s not how you start but how you finish.

This afternoon I am going to a visitation for a dear person that recently passed away from a 10-year battle with cancer. She was a great woman of faith who is no longer suffering. She’s hanging out with the saints who have gone on before.

Looking at the calendar and its hard to believe there is only 10 more days left in the month. However it also seems that things have gone by slowly.

Thanks for putting up with my State Of The Union posts last night. It was something I wanted to chronicle and curate. I was surprised by how much attention they got.

Welcome to all my new followers. Thanks for sticking around old followers. Have a great day good people. Lets do this!


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