Friday, January 16, 2015


Ice, ice, baby! This morning we had some black ice on the roads which made it difficult for some to get to work. I was even late because I had to scrape my windshield and get off our hill slowly. Schools delayed and closed for the day to be safe. It is cold this morning but the day will get warmer as we go along. Fortunately the Sun is shining and the ice won’t be a long-term problem. 

Tonight for date night we are headed to Red Ginger Bistro for more quality Asian food, they serve Chinese, Japanese and Thai all under one roof. We will be having sushi most likely too. We will do a movie in watching “Jersey Boys”.

It is hard to believe its Friday and the week seemed to go by quickly. We are removed from the hectic nature of the holiday’s and engaging in regular routines which is nice. Although I miss the color of the holidays. Lets see how the day goes. Be safe, do good. Make it a great one my friends.

Grace and Peace to you all


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