Rambling About Tumblr, Blogging and Connections


Whenever I see a fellow blogger I think I might have things in common with I will follow them. Over the years I have made connections with some pretty good people who have real and interesting lives.

I have met people on Tumblr, Multiply (a deceased social blogging platform) and Twitter from all over the world who share a love for blogging and that is awesome. It’s kind of like having pen pals from back in the day except its interactive and provides instant gratification.

It’s pretty rare that someone is asked to un-follow a fellow blogger and it happened to me yesterday. We aren’t like Facebook where you have to agree to be friends to follow one another. Of course I respected that blogger and un-followed them.

Tumblr is a place where complete strangers can find community and connections in a very global way. We all have things that bring us together and of course differences but perhaps that is what makes this whole thing great. Things are set up here for people to follow one another and to make connections. 

If you find me to be boring or too tame I am not offended if you need someone with more spark and spice. All I can be is myself and offer you a person who is trying to make sense of life and to establish connections with like minded people. Thank you all for sticking and staying.


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