What About Tumblr?


This question popped into my mind, what if Tumblr became a too hostile place for many people to be. There seems to be a wild west atmosphere here where anything goes at times. Some folks have experienced unkind encounters with others on Tumblr. So the question is worth asking, what if Tumblr ceases to be a suitable and safe blogging platform for many so what are the alternatives.

Two other players would be WordPress and Blogger. Both of which don’t have the great social network benefits available to us at Tumblr (but perhaps that is part of a problem as much as it is a good thing). I am just thinking about a time when many of us would have to find other quarters.

Friends I am not leaving but you have to think about things like this. There are good friendships that have been born here and that would be hard. Some people have already gone through a forced migration from other platforms such as Multiply, Vox, Yahoo 360 and the list goes on. Blogging for many is about the community as much as the posting.

Perhaps I am being too alarmist but you still need to have a plan in your mind if such things happen. Blogging for me is an essential part of my online life so these are things one thinks about when you want to be ready for the future.


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