Blogger or Writer


Is there a difference between writers and bloggers, I don’t know. Perhaps its the content and the stories they are telling. Short form posts vs. long form works I guess could be how you tell one from another. When you see a post are there images, sounds, video involved?

I guess you could ask the individual what is their focus and what is inspiring them to do what they do. Are they wanting to take us on a journey or perhaps to paint a picture using words or perhaps is their work to be a chronological snapshot of an event or a thought that randomly popped in their heads.

Maybe its about curating things that have meaning and inspire someone to dream and imagine. I think no matter if you are just a blogger or just a writer you are responsible for creating something new, to be original, to inspire others who need it. Each creation is a personal reflection and a perspective only you have.

I think words matter, I think pictures and video can sometimes tell the story and perhaps a song is all you need to tell others how you feel.

So which one are you, are you both?

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