Our Spot


Everyone has a place where they sit. For many like Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” their spot is where they hold court, ponder life and hold court. Whether it be on a church pew, kitchen table, break room, in your living room like Dr. Cooper everyone has a spot. There are particular places where we feel comfortable and content.

Our place in the world is where we are in our spot. Everyone looks for that spot where they can feel at ease. In that spot we find our lives going by. The spot you occupy is where people know to find you. We all find times when we search for that spot in life that gives us some peace. God gives us our spot where we can learn and grow.

Our spot can be a welcoming place for others and for many there’s another spot for someone special right next to us. In our spot we find ourselves and learn to understand others. Wherever you are you have your spot.  I hope you have one.


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