The End Of An Era – The Olan Mills Building

For eight years I worked in the Church Directory division of Olan Mills. Many of you are familiar with the name because they were the nation’s best photography studio. You knew you had quality portraits when you saw the gold embossed logo in the corner of your pictures. They also did membership directories for places of worship too. In November of 2011 they were bought out by Lifetouch studios and in 2012 they began the process of merging operations with Olan Mills which meant that name would soon become a memory.

This past week they started the demolition of their iconic building off Shallowford Road in Chattanooga. This was the work home for hundreds of people over the years. I worked there off and on during my time with the company. Coca Cola will now call this property their distribution center in Chattanooga. We will have great memories of this building but its going to have life and new jobs there soon.

Thanks to former co-worker Fred Friday for these pictures.


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