Our Fire – Fifteen Years Ago

Fifteen years ago we were burned out of our home. We were just married 3-½ months earlier, just beginning our lives together then this unexpected event changed out lives forever. I was watching the firefighting paramedic TV show “Emergency” at the time the fire broke out. I woke Laura up so we along with our dog Mikey could escape the fire that was started in a couch sitting in the breezeway outside our apartment.

We lost some of what we had been given for wedding gifts, irreplaceable memories and furniture. This event changed our lives and helped us appreciate what matters most in life.

The fire was a time in our lives where we needed family and friends to help us rebuild and start our lives anew. Being newlyweds we had it better than some of our neighbors where they had a long lifetime of personal effects.

We remember this day every year, and this year being the fifteenth anniversary its even more special. Thanks to all those who helped us recover and laid the foundation for who Laura and I are today.

(The scanned pictures are articles from The Chattanooga Times Free Press from 1999 where we were featured. They are part of a scrapbook my wife compiled after the fire.)


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