The Right Question


For the last few days I have had a tire on my truck that was losing air. Instantly I was thinking about having to replace it which is an expense I didn’t relish. Today I took it to a new tire store where the mechanic asked me what was wrong with the tire and I said it was losing air….so he goes and jacks up the truck and looks for the source of the leak. Well it was a nail that was embedded in the tread. The nice mechanic proceeds to patch the hole in my tire and its like “new”.

There’s something about asking questions. In my case he saved me a lot of bucks that we didn’t have to spend. Having a mechanic or anyone in service ask the right questions means a lot. When their interest is about looking out for you so you might return for the big stuff is huge. I will be going back to this new tire store again for other things.


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